Why should security guards continue to further their training to become armed guards?

 Being an armed security guard, your weapon proficiency could save a persons life. Which is a huge responsibility, that is why being trained and continued training is extremely important. Templar Security trains both armed and unarmed security guards. Owner and officer, Oscar K. is SLED certified to carry a weapon and train other officers. Oscar continues to practice his skill set and train others as you will see in the images above.

There is a lot of knowledge to obtain when handling a weapon. Most people would be surprised to know how many safety features different weapons have and how to execute them properly. So if you are someone who wants to be an armed security guard or simply get certified to carry a concealed weapon, look no further then Templar Security. You will get one on one training from Charleston’s finest.

To excel in your career, it’s always a good idea to learn new things. This is true in all jobs, including security. After all, nothing stays the same forever. There’s always something new to learn about when it comes to security, especially in our increasingly tech-savvy society.

Are there risks when you carry a gun? Certainly. But training minimizes those risks. Classes not only teach about how to use weapons but also when to use them. Armed guards have to be savvy decision makers– they need to know when to use weapons and when not to.

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