Concealed Weapons training available in Charleston, SC through Templar Security

1-1 Training with Owner, Oscar Knight.
Or Discounts Available for Groups (4 or more)
please reach out via email for detailed pricing and dates.

As unfortunate as it is to admit, the world we live in can be scary and feel unsafe. Especially with the recent shootings that occurred in downtown Charleston, SC. It is crucial to understand why Concealed Weapons training is important.

The last resort in any situation is violence. Templar security prides themselves in deescalating a situation without use of force or violence. However, being trained and well versed in the use of a weapon could make a difference in saving a life.

4 Benefits of Concealed Carry
1. May Deter Crime
2. Makes the Carrier Feel Safer
Polls taken by concealed carry weapon holders overwhelmingly prove that carriers feel safer and more secure when they have a concealed weapon.
3. More Law-Abiding
Concealed carry permit holders tend to be more law-abiding than anyone else.
4. Makes You More Aware
How often do you notice something strange in your vicinity? Being more aware of your surroundings keeps you and those around you safe.

With the frequency of mass shootings rising across the country, the time has never been better to look into gaining a concealed weapons permit.
Taking a concealed carry weapons class is a way of ensuring a gun owners’ knowledge of weaponry, self-defense, and their ability to mitigate risk when handling a weapon.

Being adequately trained into how to use a firearm gives the best chance of an individual being able to use a firearm for protection.

Where Should I Undertake A Concealed Carry Weapons Class?
Owner of a Templar is certified in concealed weapons trainings. I personally never held a gun or a weapon prior to training with Captain Oscar Knight and I can say I feel 100% safer and more knowledgeable in gun safety.

Again feel free to email us and get more information on training classes and pricing.

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