Unarmed vs Armed Security Guards: Which is Right for Your Business?

Having security for your business is crucial and should be one of your businesses top priorities. Security Guards offer business owners and customers a sense of security and protection. They are also a great deterrent to criminals. But how do you decide if you need armed or unarmed security?
  • Unarmed security guards do not carry firearms. They may carry other types of non-lethal weapons for protection, such as a baton or pepper spray. In some settings, they may carry a taser.
  • Unarmed guards are typically hired for jobs where an actual threat is relatively low such as:
    video surveillance positions, retail establishment monitoring positions, and jobs in school settings.
  • Armed guards usually carry a firearm, which is considered a lethal weapon. They have been through intensive training prepare for the responsibility of their position.
  • Armed Guards are usually hired for businesses with a greater risk of crime such as: banks, large hospitals, technical firms, or courthouses.

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