Templar Security is growing!

Templar Security is growing! Pictured above are images from a festival in Columbia, SC where Templar Security did an exceptional job keeping individuals safe and allowing people to enjoy the event. Safety is the priority.

 After the devastating outcome of AstroWorld the world was shocked and heartbroken. Templar Security continues to educate and learn from situations such as AstroWorld to understand how to avoid any harm ever happening to an individual at an event. This is not simply about carrying a weapon and standing at a post. It is about being observant, paying attention to everyone in the crowd, making sure exists are not blocked, making sure individuals at the event are not ill or in danger, and working with EMS and other professionals to ensure safety.

Festivals are large events. The people putting on these events want to be able to have fun with their audience. They hire security to oversee the event and keep everyone safe. Templar security prides themselves on providing the best service and will continue to work with event coordinators to understand every detail of the event.

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